the coffee shop at the SheShed

connect. create. caffeinate

At the SheShed, we have a funky little coffee shop stocked with your fav specialty coffee & locally made treats!

She Shed coffee shop is a unique and inviting space,  where you can come to connect, create & caffeinate.

Hours are:  9.00am-2.00pm Mon-fri and 9.00- 12.00 Saturday.

Come on in, enjoy our free wifi, work in our space and drink our coffee! we don't mind.

the heart behind the coffee shop

A place and space where you come to connect, create and caffeinate.

We are passionate about seeing people connect from our community and beyond!
  • being a woman in business I wanted to create a safe space for other women to hang and work while sipping on a beverage and nibbling on a treat!
  • a connection spot for local groups of women who meet for coffee to have a cool hang out spot (already we have groups using the coffee shop to catch up for a few hours)
  • ideal spot for mothers groups, coffee and cake, catch ups with the girls
  • there is an intentional coffee, cake and connection group that meets Tuesday mornings every week, we cant wait to see you there!
  • we only buy from local suppliers, that are known for their delicious fresh produce, we hope to increase our offering as the coffee shop grows


With access to free wifi, we want to empower and enable women to be productive and up skilled in a vibey space, all while demolishing our delicious raw treats and homemade bliss cakes & washing it down with our specialty coffee from Kai Coffee Roasting co.



We look forward to seeing you visit soon!

why kai?

We choose Kai Coffee Roasting Co. because owners Sean & Emily share the same passion for people as we do.

every kilo we buy from Kai Coffee feeds four kids in poverty.

In 2011 Kai Coffee founders Sean and Emily Naus wanted to start a coffee roasting company that was focused on more than just roasting delicious coffee. Having traveled the world extensively and having seen first hand many of the struggles and needs of the developing world they wanted to build a business that stood for giving back and making a difference in child hunger globally. 7 years later that dream is changing the lives of thousands of children in Uganda Africa where more than 10,000 meals are served to children every month.

specialty coffee with quality milk & milk alternatives!

Five-0 is our organic blend. It's composed of two outstanding coffees which were developed in fair trade co-ops. This coffee has a lot of punch! If you're looking for something delicious as a black and rich in milk this is your jam. It's a 50-50 PNG/Colombian.  You can purchase the FIVE-O blend in the coffee shop as a 500g or a kilo bag.

Cupping Notes:

Heavy Toffee, Heavy Chocolate, Bold

What's in the Blend: 

PNG Konkua, Colombia Tolima Co-op.

  • Maleny dairies
  • we use the FIVE-O blend - you can buy this from us too!
  • quality choc powder
  • chai from heaven
  • happy happy soy boy
  • Alternative Dairy co milks.

come in and try a cup today, pair it with a raw treat! you wont be disappointed.

Have questions for our team?

If you can't find the answer to your question under our FAQs please feel free to send us an enquiry below and we will get back to you as soon as possible...

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